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food places that the law went into effect. oh, yes. great that we can see the calorie count and they're paying more attention. indelicate the receipts and saw that they were eating more calories. >> well, let me just say that the best thing that we can do is step get the consumer the choice, the option. john: wrote a book titled everything i want to do is illegal. [laughter] >> right. [applause] de. john: what is your point? >> my point is that every time the government penetrates into the food system the abuses mount up from the big guys and little guys like us get routed back from the table do to a smothering bunch of regulations. government interventions come at the result of wind things it out of control. i health care costs to go $150 billion. john: it's his body. he can make his own stupid choices. >> i never believe that i'm hurting anybody's freedom. john: you are banning things. you support the ban on the soft drinks. >> well, the big soft drink is important to realize that we need said -- you have children at the age of nine. they suffer from hypertension as a result of too
into law i would be happy to. >> we are trying to get those, but we haven't yet. charitable deductions? you are a wig charity guy. >> listen, the president has seen a lot of the options from us. a lot of them are put on the table and i'm hopeful the conversations will continue. >> okay. but let's talk about your proposals because the president, and i'm sure this has driven you nuts, like to say the math tends not to work. let's look at your math. the white house says a realistic cap, and i'll explain what that means, of $25,000 on people making more than $250,000, a cap on their deductions, you can only take $25,000 in itemized deductions and exempting things like charitable deductions which is pretty unlikely you will do away with that, would only bring in $450 billion. not the $800 billion you are talking about, not the trillion dollars. $450 trillion. they say the math tends not to work. >> the white house knows that the math will work. to put the kind of revenue on the table that we've been talking about. it won't work if we are trying to get to $1.6 trillion. i'll guarantee you that. b
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)